Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strings ablazing, the Boxcar Bandits

Well grab your partners and here we go, self proclaimed SkunkGrass provacateurs can set it a-blaze in a hurry with the fury of strings like nobody's business.   Long for days long on picking, then I have got the answer for you.  Boxcar Bandits will have your reaching for your bindle, providing you a soundtrack for jumping into the back of trains and making off across this land.  Want to relax and the back porch and while away the days with a little homemade or homegrown, well just take off your shoes kick back and breathe it in.  You're gonna have yourself a hell of a time listening to Boxcar Bandits.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Immigrant Punk

Slithering, the beautiful and deadly viper lures you in with seductive hypnotizing undulations to strike with deadly accuracy.  Stalking, the panther gracefully moves through the bush and then, ---  without warning,  --- pounces; claws unfurled leaving you wondering what just happened.  Alternately beautiful and abrasive, Immigrant Punk is on a mission.  Back and forth between singing and spoken word, English and Spanish, a music attempting to bring two worlds together, Immigrant Punk is an apropos expression of our times, resonating back to us our cordial and uneasy relationships.    Feel the raw refined power of Immigrant Punk

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Young Master Grigsby: Townes' long lost son

Texas produces legendary songwriters one after another like they pump oil out of the ground.  Individuals that tell tales between the words, where sometimes hard living ultimately may or may not be the key to redemption.  I introduce with intent to delight, Young Master Grigsby AKA Mathew Grigsby, smith of song and craftsman of the finest caliber.  Comic and subtly profound song carried by a voice and guitar, Mathew can leave you lowsome and laughing all in the same song.  Love up your earholes and spend some time with Mathew Grigsby.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot Time on the Town: Bone Doggie and The Hickory Street Hellraisers

The current boiling pot we find ourselves at this time in history musical styles mesh and coalesce to form concoctions totally new and tasty.  No band brings the heat quite like Bone Doggie and the Hickory Street Hellraisers. Bone Doggie knows the ingredients: Americana, jazz, ragtime, rock, blues, blue grass, gospel, even tough gong reggae and throws them  into the HSH kitchen to create one tasty dish after another.   Come see what's cooking Bone Doggie and the Hickory Street Hellraisers

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independent and United: Denton

       All over Denton great music is made, great venues exist, great local businesses serve the community, video production teams work, food services provide better sustenance, artists create and artisans abound.  While each of these entities is doing its own thing, it is becoming evident that there exists opportunity to bring  these individual entities together so that the greater sum of these parts becomes self-evident.  The manner which this cohesion has been achieved throughout much of history is the media used as a forum and local for ideas prevalent in a local community.   It is the current situation in which we find ourselves our immediate past, TV, newspapers and radio, is predominantly run by large companies searching for broad appeal in order to place advertising, all the while cost and manpower to operate in the these media has become prohibitive and impractical for a local presence to maintain. Yet television programming is being rendered obsolete by the internet, and by the time broadband connections are established in the majority of vehicles the influence of traditional radio as taste-maker will be diminished even further than it's current dwindling state.  Past, still being sometimes present, we move through the present the future unfolding before us, where access to a voice is as easy as any time in recorded history.  If isn't already apparent, it will soon become glaringly obvious, the internet will shape the next era of media.
       Each age that has seen vast improvements in modes of  mass communication has also seen vast improvements in the conditions surrounding them.  Beginning with cave drawings, the idea that information shared improves the lives of those around them is one major step forward in human evolution.  It is no surprise the great developments of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution coincide and are quite pragmatically impossible without a profusion of reading materials and a pursuant class of self-educated populace resultant from it.  Revolutionary ideas like our own Declaration of Independence are made real by the propagation of these ideas through media.  In our age, the internet has provided the unprecedented opportunity to give a voice to ideas inane, provocative or revolutionary.  For each of these ideas there is  space and the chance to gain audience so that those ideas may take root.  
        And we do hear the voices, infinite blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. exist for our edification or amusements, the best achieve both.  Yet for those seeking to be heard with so many voices shouting, attempting to shout louder ultimately achieves a sore throat.  It is for this reason that people come together to speak in one voice.  An avenue available to us now so that the collective voice of this artistic community may be heard is an internet based community radio station.   A public forum for Denton, independent of the major outlets and united together to give  opportunity for the varied and related artistic and business interests of our community.
     One group laying the ground work for this opportunity is  A project still in its infancy; ideas, support and just good old money are required to get this off and running.  For ways that you can be part of this change in the way that radio and community interact go to