Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wrist bands, We don't need no stinking wristbands:35+ Math=Day Parties

     Local music label super heroes have done it again.  I Love Math Records, which brings Denton show after show of pure music goodness, is providing the people a auditory feast of unimaginable proportions for the astounding price of ......... nothing, nada, zilch, $0.    Put your hands on your ears so that your brains don't fall out for this next one, there are 22 bands performing over 4 days, and wait no the price did not change, it's still free.    Head honcho, Charlie Hunter, must have lost his mind or surely did while putting this extravaganza on for us. These shows are I repeat free, so spend your money on the bands.  Here are the links to the lineups, which are of course subject to change at any moment.
35 + Math = Day Party #1

35+ Math=Day Party#2

35+Math= Day Party #3

Posters by Abigail Buford