Friday, May 13, 2011

Kick back and enjoy: The Sun Downers

Music for a hazy Sunday morning, the Sun Downers loose easy style induces a peaceful state of mind. It goes down smooth after that Saturday night that went on for too long.   Recorded live and raw, the vocals are far away and soothing while the arangements move like a country stream.  For whenever you need to take the time, do it, kickback and enjoy The Sun Downers.

Admit it you, you love this stuff: Tim Robbins

All the best you love from 80's and 90's alt pop rock, Tim Robbins brings it, with music tuneful and fresh.  Think the satisfaction of sitting at the bonfire after a day at the beach, dreaming up possibitlies of greatness ahead.  Okay, admit you love the poppier side of alt rock and embrace music made to make you feel good. Tim Robbins

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the Spider's Web

Haunting and spare, the music of Spider Minshew evokes a bygone era.  Simple arrangements and instrumentation place Spider squarely in the past at the same time embracing a present craving simplicity.   A well crafted response to a world careening ahead at break neck speed, the sound and aesthetic is well worn while the songs are fresh like vegetables from the garden.   Check it out Spider Minshew.