Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Before they are big time, The Banter Cafe DVD

Get your time capsules ready, a moment has been captured but get an extra copy for right now because we got ourselves some good music here.  Apparent to anyone involved, Denton is primed for an explosion of music and art that will make waves outside the metroplex, the true extent of its influence of which will not be known for time to come.  Of the places where this fomentation is taking place, Banter Cafe, with its eclectic mix of music, art and cuisine takes the foreground introducing new sounds and artists to a knowledgeable clientele.  Those in the know go Thursday nights to Banter, the meeting spot for local musician looking to hone their craft and make connections with others in the pursuit of musical excellence.  Many ideas have come forth as a result of this silently agreed upon forum, one of the results is a collection of music and photography capturing a moment in time while entertaining with songs from many of Denton's up and coming talents.  The photographic slideshow, shot by Bob Ralph, captures the energy and joy of artists and audience, a regular occurrence Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Banter Cafe.  Set phasers to impressed by the variety artists including Bone Doggie, 11:40, Ashley Gatta, Richard Gilbert, Matt Grigsby and others in this one hour collection.  You'll find yourself entranced by this photo collection set to some of the best local music any city has to offer.  To learn more about Banter Cafe check out
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