Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A great rock album Candidate Waltz Centromatic

  What can you say about an album of solid material done well and played with soul?  Self-described as a meat and potatoes rock and roll record, Candidate Waltz is just song after song of good ol' rock.  You feel that same sort of yearning and earnest desire that rock, from it's R&B and country roots, is built upon.  Nothing pretentious or overly striving here and that is its beauty.  Will Johnson and company have taken the material and sound of rock from the last decade and effortlessly put together a record where song after song keeps you happy.  I find myself humming the hooks and rocking to riffs in my head long after I have listened.  An album making the rounds of best of the year lists, go ahead and get it now because it will only be a matter of months before another musical creation will emanate from the mind of Will Johnson and fight for space in your listening queue.  Centro-matic

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