Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Delta Spirit Americana Rock an introduction for those that don't know

     A subtle excellence and polish pervaids the work of the Delta Spirit.  Smart, soulful songwriting is placed upon a rich sonic tapestry that leaves you wondering if the sound is traditional or modern.  The strong lyrical sense and voice catch your attention first, but after a few listens you are drawn into the artful arrangements that form a profound foundation.  I have been listening to the band for over a year now and still struggle to offer a fitting description, besides this is good music.   Ultimately it falls under the broad cover of rock and roll, like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or The Who, all of who play music blues/roots based and take it in many different directions.   Do they sound like any of those bands? Nope, but they do embody the earnest and stylistic variety associated with artists of the era.    
      The band has two major releases "Ode To Sunshine" and "History from Below" and has just released an EP "The Waits Room".   The recordings are great and to really get a sense of the band check out live recording such as Trash Can  shot at the Parish in Austin,TX.  Passion abounds in song after song such as Bushwick Blues, Children and Strange Vine.    Add to their studio recorded material, live cuts found on sites like Daytrotter you find a band with a wealth of material for your listening pleasure.  It kind of blows my mind when people have not heard of these guys.  Songs that belong on the radio, for those don't yet know, Delta Spirit.

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