Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sarah Jaffe: Voice of youth lamented

The melancholy of youth is the reflection all around that this too shall pass creating the balance of our age, making us feel old while we are still young.  An adept putting these reflections to lyrical musical tapestry is Denton artist, Sarah Jaffe.  Songs such as "Clementine"  offer a sonic meditation on realizations we have about ourself, the desire to have been the person we are now.  Sarah Jaffe confidently wears questions and regrets in her own brand of songwriting so we can look back? forward with her.   Creating soundscapes to mirror her lyrical and melodic sense, Sarah's music is a beautiful sadness.  An honesty and in touch with the bottom voice makes me think  Billie Holiday with modern folk alt rock jazz arrangements.  Peaking out through the clouds, the glimmer of triumph and a moving though out which her work underpins a sort of forward progress.  "Even Born Again"  chugs ahead, a train leaving someplace you once liked and don't think you can live again.   "Black Hoax Lie" starts with " You're on your way to the bottom, at least you know where you going", which the vunerability of her voice makes a statement of fact contrasted to a snarky or ironic observation it could be.  Song after song Sarah connects with something deep down inside.  Truly a talent which the number of years under her belt belies, Sarah Jaffe.

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