Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now serving the community: DentonRadio.com public seminars

Quickly establishing itself as a voice for the community, DentonRadio.com has taken the next step in it's mission as a media advocate for the city of Denton.  This past Saturday, February 25th president of DentonRadio.com, Jake Laughlin, hosted the first in what promises to be an enlightening series of seminars for musicians at local artistic focal point Banter Bistro.  The event began with the soothing song styling of local popsmith Ashley Gatta to a crowd a little unsure of what to expect.  Any doubts regarding the value of this event were quickly answered with the dynamic opening session of DentonRadio.com's visionary leader Jake Laughlin and his presentation on public speaking. Using personal experience to bridge the gap, Jake brought home his point of making the uncomfortable comfortable and in a meta-moment put the crowd at ease and had them engaged.

     Following up were the artists, Bone Doggie and Ashley Gatta, discussing the finer points of stage performance, really honing in on what techniques can be used to connect with an audience and create the moments that make making music so worth while.  The event was well served by having artists with such different personalities and stage shows, share their perspectives on the myriad of ways an artist can choose to engage with their fans.  Their presentations flowed easily into meaningful dialogue with those in attendance, unearthing the different challenges faced by musicians and sharing those experiences.

     With high quality information and musical performances interjected throughout the seminar, the event was  a great success that I look forward to attending again.  Future topics promise to run the gamut of stage performance to music business.  DentonRadio.com is quickly becoming a force in the community for  advancing issues of  music and local interest.  In a world that attempts to give an impression of being dominated by multi-national conglomerates and olds style media companies who owned dying modes of  information dissemination, DentonRadio.com is a beacon for local movements, helping to keep communities interconnected, vital and regenerating.  Providing local musicians an outlet for their creativity, DentonRadio.com also allows the world to see what's cooking here in Denton, and share with them this great music and art city, which is begining to make waves in the world at large.

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