Friday, February 24, 2012

This weekend in Denton: Wise Ruby, The Demigs, Grigsby album update

        You know, I often wonder where I can get a donut with bacon on it and enjoy live music at the same time.  Well thank your God, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, et al. that we live in Denton because at Denton Square Donuts you can have it all.  This Saturday February the 10th beginning at 10:00 a.m. you will be treated the twin delights of Earth Shine and Wise Ruby.   Earth Shine is led by the super talented Tonya Blum and will knock you socks off while leaving your shoes on.   Following up will be the superb song smithing of Wise Ruby, who will lift you up with the transcendent harmonies of Julie Livingston and Kathy Herr, anchored by Neal McCord.  The fates were unkind that I have a prior obligation this morning, and have to miss this family friendly event that surely will not disappoint.

    For those of you looking to leave the kiddos at home with a baby sitter, there is no other place to be but Rubber Gloves for our good friends The Demigs.  Those of you who missed last week's rock clinic at Andy's, you have some classes to make up for, and Saturday night will get you some much needed rock and roll credit.  These guys are ready to light up 35 Denton and beyond, so catch them now and you can say "I heard them before they were such rock stars."  Filling out this tasty bill, is Darstar and How's My Driving.

     Finally for those of you awaiting the release of the new Mathew Grigsby album, it is set to be released on March 31st. Matt is hard at work finishing of what promises to be a highlight of 2012. Twisting the knobs and filling out the sonic palette is Taylor Moseley of The Shelbi Vinyl.  A release show at J&J's dirty basement is set for that night with the aforementioned Earthshine, My Kickdrum Heart and The Shelbi Vinyl  playing in support of Master Grigsby's big night.

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