Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to School Binge: I Love Math Records presents Spooky Folk and The Demigs

Rubber Gloves is where you need to be Saturday to satisfy your beginning of the semester rock and roll needs.   Many of you had a tough 3 hours of classes to attend this week and the rest of us have jobbie jobs, so what is required is some rock and roll release.   Denton up and comers Spooky Folk bring their brand of rock through a Beck Lips folk blender to headline the show.   You may ask, "Why did you put the Demigs, who are not headlining the night in the headline of this here article?"  Well readers that is because as says the Demigs are "a criminally overlooked jewel of pop artistry."   We aim to rectify this situation and bring a bit of justice by sharing our own praises of the band which we reviewed back in August, and exhorting you to get out early to catch them in all their majesty.  
Also playing

Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers

Young & Brave

Paper Robot 

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