Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Folking Music at Crossroads this Friday

What are your plans this Friday 1-20 two thousand and the twelve?   Change them because you absolutely must a Folking good time instead.  You may ask, "Where do I go to have such an experience?"  Well I'm going to tell you.   Crossroads Bar 1803 North Elm St Denton Tx, 76201, Just a couple blocks south of W University Dr right by the TWU campus**  that's right I copied and pasted from the website.  On this evening you will be entertained, dare I say enlightened, by not one but two terrific songwriters.  None other than one Billy Ratcliffe and one Mathew Grigsby shall be laying heart and soul  on the line for your edification.  Billy, a maestro of finger picking, will dazzle you with his guitar work and songsmanship.  To finish off the evening and bring it on home Mathew Grigsby knocks you out with his heartfelt brand of gritty and often humorous songs that would make Townes Van Zandt proud.  So clean up your ear holes so that you may be presentable for a  "Folking Good Time".  All puns intended.

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