Thursday, January 26, 2012

Give me something sharp: Spooky Folk

 "Give a songwriter a band and he might take over the world" sums up what we have here with Denton's rising stars, Spooky Folk.    Beginning to breakthrough into the upper echelon of DFW venues by knocking people dead live and stacking bodies by the door, this experience is begotten from a synergy created around songwriter Kaleo Kaualoku and band members Petra Kelly, Chris Brown, Scarlett Wright and Jesse Clay Perry.  Now to say  Spooky Folk is a songwriter with a backing band would be so off the mark that I can't believe that you suggested it. Shame on you. Spooky Folk accomplish the rare feat of giving a unique voice a unique sound.  (Bad writing but true.)  Kaleo's lyrics speak about what it is to live in the great state of confusion that is North Texas.  A song like the standout "Bible Belt", speaks for us who live in this part of the world widely associated with Rick Perry, cowboy hats and barbeque.   The band is able to capture the crazy-making experience of being where on Sundays you are expected to go to church, then when you walk out the door, some of the very same people drop an N Bomb or call for bombing a faraway place; and still you have to figure out how to love them.  The music en-lightens us through joyfulness while we live in this North Texas world which at times is perhaps too surreal for it's own good.  Boisterous and fun, get your favorite cut of meat and enjoy yourself some Spooky Folk.

Spooky Folk is found on I Love Math Records.

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